Crop Circles

A friend (in Canada) recently asked me about crop circles in the UK. So who does create them and what are they for?

I think the fact is that some crop circles are made by pranksters and some are created by some non-human agency – maybe some extra-terrestrial energy source or maybe by some force or energy in the earth itself.

They are beautiful and complex creations, fascinating works of art in the landscape, but maybe they are more than this and so even more than who made them, we want to know what they mean. Are they a message? Are they a sign of the earth rebalancing its energies? If there are messages to discover, or energy action taking place, how are we to solve these mysteries?

Interesting though it may be to discover who creates them, it doesn’t help to solve the mystery of what, if anything they mean or are doing. For instance, if a ‘prankster-made crop circle’ is created following correct geometrical principles and oriented correctly on the land, then you’ll find it has power by virtue of its structure. Furthermore this may be a ‘stand-alone’ energy structure or it may be linked into energy in the land and acting as a focus for it.

If you can visit several in person, you can use various methods to sense the energy within the crop circle and may be able to pick up on the difference. You can make your own observations based on your own impressions and responses within the formation.

I started writing this Blog entry on 7 August, then life became hectic and now I am completing this on 3 September, so it may be too late to visit this year’s crop circles in person at this point. However, if you are looking at a photo of one, you could check the authenticity by ‘tuning in’ energetically, asking your Guides (if you work with such) or dowsing with a pendulum. Another way is to meditate on the visual image and notice what impressions, thoughts and physical sensations arise.

What do you think about crop circles? You can comment on this or any Blog entry if you want or discuss these subjects and share your own experiences on my Shamanix Group on Facebook – see you there!


One Response to Crop Circles

  1. Great summer for crop circles! I’ve been intercepting messages about certain circles you can see on my blog at for some examples of what I’m talking about. It’s an amazing time to be alive!

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