When I used to go for readings years ago, it used to frustrate me how long it took waffling around about generalities until we got to the part when I could put a question.  This was generally towards the end of the reading and so I’d have about 5 minutes on what I really wanted to know.

Meanwhile, from the point of view of the reader, the whole thing is an exercise in detective work (at least that is the way I used to handle palm readings!).  The lines on the palm (or cards chosen in a tarot reading) are the focus, starting point and guide for intuitively picking up further information for the client.  As a genuine ‘psychic’ reader the skill then is in intuiting what is most important for the person to know, focusing on this and giving this information accurately, without being distracted by ‘conscious mind’ cues from their age, appearance, responses etc.  (Those without ‘psychic’ / intuitive skill, on the other hand, will be relying on just such cues in order to ‘cold read’ to suit their listener.)

Now wouldn’t it be much more useful to state up front why you have come for a reading and then for the reader to interpret the cards in the light of this subject?  Even though you’ve given the reader this ‘clue’ they can still prove their psychic ability with facts and details only you can verify about your situation and then you’ll know there’ll be some accuracy to their information about how the future is likely to unfold.

Now imagine that such an accurate and excellent tarot reader is also an experienced personal development coach and trainer.  Such a person could help you explore how your character, current situation and influences around you are affecting your future success, and then take your reading further to help you to make the changes you want to achieve your goals.

Phil Callaghan is currently offering tarot readings and tarot coaching in York during August 2008 only.  If you want more information or to book such a session, you can contact him at: phil@bronze-dragon.com.

Phil is also teaching his two-day ‘Tarot Magick’ on 30 & 31 August 2008 in York, if you want to learn more about the tarot yourself.  Details are here and reviews of this training are here.