Shamanic storytelling

Over the past few months I’ve been catching up with storytellers weaving their word magic around the UK and I’m loving the ways traditional storytelling is coming back to life.

These are stories for adults, told as they once were, around the fireside and if you check out now, you’ll still be able to catch one or more Storytelling Café events at a UK location near you.

Each storyteller has their own unique style, reviving and developing this tradition in new ways. Robin Williamson, for example. has interwoven his word magic with music, song and gesture, as he unfolds the power and humour rooted in the ancient tales of the British Isles.

I am interested in how storytelling techniques relate to training and also to guided trance journeys for various purposes. All good storytellers will draw their audience into the story, engaging their full attention and emotional response. Robin has some unusual and highly effective additional skills…


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