One good thing leads to another and working shamanically with birds of prey has just led me to discover wonderful work with horses.

Last November Caitlin Collins contacted me on behalf of ANLP’s Rapport magazine to write an article about my shamanic/NLP work and “Flight of the Sea Eagle” has just appeared in their Spring issue. During the course of our telephone conversations, Cait told me of her work with horse-assisted transformation coaching and in response to my interest sent me her article “The Spirit of Horses”. You can read both articles here:

This April brought sunshine and an opportunity to visit Cait and her horse Brigit in beautiful Exmoor. I have never had horse riding lessons, have no experience of horses, and truth to tell, I am a little nervous around them. I have occasionally given sick or injured horses Reiki./ energy healing (from a safe distance!) and whenever I have done this, I have noticed that they sense and respond to the energy. My proof of this is that they move close to me, quiet down and turn to make it easier for me to send the healing energy to the part of their body that needs it. When they have received enough healing energy, they move away, which coincides with when I feel the energy flow stopping.

However, in this case, I was the one needing some healing, and going to meet a big scary horse ‘up close and personal’. Naturally Brigit picked up on my nervousness straight away, and responded by being very still, gentle and calm until my confidence increased.

Here’s the truly amazing and wonderful thing though – Brigit accurately sensed my emotional and physical state of health and connecting with her helped me realise and face insights about myself. I sent thoughts, emotions, images to her and she sent calmness, strength and images to me, all within a strong, beautiful, radiant flow of energy. Cait translated into words and the two do magic together.

I knew horses are intelligent, sensitive and responsive – but this raises questions and possibilities that I am still processing.