Shamanix practitioner – help please!

Our Shamanix practitioner is a special training – it is completely Guided and spiritually inspired. People have to go through a series of procedures to be accepted and I follow guidance as to who to accept, when to run the training and also what to include in the training.

This training equips participants to be shamanic practitioners and on successful completion of case studies they receive certification acceptable to their country’s standards and regulations.

Far more than this, these people are called to take on special roles, which will have global impact. There is basic training, training specific to each person and training to help each find their own special role and place in the greater scheme of things.

So why am I writing to you now? (apart from having been practically pushed to the computer to do so)-

because from 12 – 19 October we have a Shamanix practitioner training. The course was full from early spring – however, I knew all prospective participants had their own serious challenges that might prevent them from making it to the training. Unfortunately 4 of them have not been able to meet the challenge and have had to cancel.

I am sorry about this, but what it does mean is that there are these 4 places available to the right people. If you think that you, or someone you know, might be interested, please read/ask them to read the material on and then to seek their own spiritual guidance to intuit whether this might be the right path for you/them.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not just some flash shamanic training that is only available here in the whole world, although it is these things – this is a commitment to a particular kind of spiritual, shamanic path and a commitment to this earth and all living beings, a commitment to action. It is not something to be taken lightly and it is most certainly not for everyone.

I should just say, anyone and everyone is most welcome to come to the Shamanix weekend training or any of our other energy/healing courses, which are all very down-to-earth, practical, filled with useful skills and widely applicably methods and techniques.

The Practitioner training is something else – and you have to somehow be ‘called’ or know it is right for you, without too much to go on. What I can tell you, is that each person who has taken this training so far, has gone on to follow very unique and individual paths and not necessarily related directly/publicly to shamanism. They are, however, all key roles.

Each person who has done this training (myself included) has had to face great personal challenges, and there is no guarantee that they (or I) will overcome them all.

But it IS such a worthwhile and exciting path – I/we think –

Maybe you have to be a bit of a maverick

want a bit of excitement

Be prepared to take on challenges

Have definite ideas and motivation to really make a difference in the world – but not down the ‘usual’ tracks…

Tell people, pass on the word – anywhere and everywhere – let’s get the right people in these 4 places,

Thank you and may your path be filled with many blessings,

Susanna Dreamweaver


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