Living in Bliss

Meditating last night I started to wonder whether it is possible to completely clear old pain, heartache, negative and unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.  We can work through these things, clear and heal them and yet they seem to come round again, maybe less each time, but still returning.


Digging deeper, these things all have their roots in fears, insecurities, anger, hurt – basic emotions, which arise because there is a reason for them – people do things and situations occur which give rise to them again.  But wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to clear these underlying thought forms and patterns from ourselves – whatever life throws at us?  Clear old fears, insecurities, distrust, negative ways of thinking and acting, so that they just don’t exist any more, choosing to turn away from them


and instead being so focused on the positive things that we start living in bliss right now, right here on earth… Creating and manifesting new ways of being – it is happening already in all kinds of practical ways, people just choosing to do things differently..


Not disregarding the realities of life, just saying, ok this may be how it is right now, but I don’t accept it staying this way.  I am letting this go, clearing it away and choosing to fill myself with something new instead…


Just do this now – breathe in deeply, getting fresh air circulating round your system, breathe out, imagining anything you want to clear easily clearing from you with your breath.  Continue breathing slowly, deeply, comfortably, close your eyes for a moment…


Let your muscles relax and any tension flow away…


Imagine, feel, sense, a spiral of pure energy spinning up and down your body, clearing and spinning out and away from you all kinds of unnecessary things, clearing and healing you…


And as this continues, another spiral of energy moving up and down your body in the other direction, spinning in new energies and possibilities, fresh, clean, sparkling, pure light…


When you feel refreshed, relaxed and energised, continue your day..


One Response to Living in Bliss

  1. This is an excellent blog on meditation — glad to have you as part of the holistic health & wellness group on twittergroups! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this great wordpress site.

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