Searching for Something? Read this, it may help

The Love Stream, Part 1 of 4

Are you seeking something?  A sense of purpose, meaning or spirituality in your life?  A solution to your problems and life’s challenges?
So many are, and if you are here, it may be painful, but also a meaningful place to be, a high aim to hold.

Or are you one of those who has found something?  The great, meaningful purpose or cure-all that seems to hold all of life’s answers?  Maybe it is religion, spirituality, your Path, or a personal development system to make you more success / money / power / health / attractive or whatever else you value?
If you are here, great!  Enjoy it and make the most of it.  Share it, if others ask, but please avoid becoming too evangelical and trying to force your ‘answer’ on them!

Or have you reached acceptance, let go of seeking, to be in the present moment?
If you are here, this may feel right and a good place to stay, for a while.

Are any of these places or positions “The Answer”?

I have spent time in all three positions and each seemed ‘right’ at the time.  I have spent time studying many therapies, personal development systems, spiritual traditions – I have spent much of my life practicing and teaching these, and my conclusion is –

No, These are not the answer.
None of them.

The answer is Love
Love is the Key
Love is the Ki – the energy of the universe, at the root of everything –
Love is the answer,
Flowing through everything,

Love is God, God is love
Love is in the Oneness and the Oneness is love
Love is the Goddess and the Goddess is love

Make some time today to think of the people, things and places you love.  To reflect on love itself, and see what happens…

The Love Stream, Part One of Four…

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  1. We’ve reproduced the start of your article and linked to it from our site.

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