Living in the Love – the key

The Love Stream, Part Three of Four

Living in the love, to me, means letting go of judgements – desisting from judging others or yourself harshly. Instead, seek to accept and yes, even love yourself and others. Instead of making judgements, judging wisely the course of your actions and your thoughts and feelings.

Relax into love. Ask the love stream to teach you how to be loving, to help you to judge wisely and to love well. It is so easy to ‘be right’ and to make others wrong – but it only brings pain to all concerned.

Take issue, if you must, about words and actions, habits and behaviours. Speak and act to redress perceived wrongs, but maintain a positive regard and respect for other human beings, and indeed for all life on the planet. We are only human and I believe that we are all doing the best we can manage, even though this does not mean that all we do is acceptable.

In any event, we can never know the full story of someone, to judge them, as a person, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, positive or negative. We can judge their actions, but even then, who can foresee all possible results of an action?

The best we can do and strive for, is to speak and act the best we can, according to our own highest principles, values and beliefs. And remembering these are only the best we can manage at our personal present stage of mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.

Today – see how long you can go without making any kind of negative judgement. If you catch yourself making one, seek to find a positive way of reframing it. Clear these negative thoughts from your thoughts, speech, actions and behaviour and what are you left with? Can it be love..?

The Love Stream, Part Three of Four

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