Lucid Dreaming / Time Travel

I remembered there was an occasion when time had split and doubled briefly – I’d come out into one place, bringing flowers for a friend and 15 minutes later while still visiting there, I’d come to visit a different friend in hospital, bringing the same flowers and visited there. When I’d left and walked home, time had somehow snapped back into one stream and continued from there – my walk back home from both separate places had arrived back at my door into the one life stream again.

So I wanted to lucid dream / astral time travel back to this time split to explore both streams and find out (if possible):

a) how it had occurred
b) how I could make use of these possibilities
c) whether there were any more far-reaching consequences to this. I.e. would it be advisable to leave this alone, or could I do it again?

What I discovered is that I could go back, the consequences of which was that a third ‘me’ witnessed and viewed both ‘time branches’, which is how I’d known this had happened in the first place and had remembered both streams.

I thought (lucidly) about the possibilities while ‘there’ in both streams and was able to ‘pause’ or slow the events to have long enough to think it through and not miss anything.

I didn’t manage to find out how my time line split or re-emerged – these parts went hazy/blurred, dream-like? But it seemed to me that this was possibly a good thing (maybe a self protection not to know), so I’ve left it alone for now and will ponder some more in the waking (daytime) state before doing anything further.

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9 Responses to Lucid Dreaming / Time Travel

  1. Kathy Crabbe says:

    really interesting study! Do you think there may have been even more alternate paths going on at that time that you don’t know about?

    Kathy C.

    • susanna777 says:

      Thanks Kathy!
      I think there may be many parallel potentialities, and so could have been potential for more, but I decided to stop there, and so in this case the possibilities ‘collapsed’ into 3 paths only. And that is now the ‘fixed reality’.
      What do you think?

  2. Cher says:

    Susanna, I enjoyed this post very much. I’ve had some similar experiences of being in two or three different places at the same time and being fully conscious while doing it. I feel I go places while I’m asleep too. It’s so fascinating! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cher says:

    Hi Susanna,

    Once I was driving to work early in the morning. I kept glancing up at the mountains in the distance, but kept driving. The next thing I noticed there was a part of me that flew up and over the mountains, noticing the landscapes far below. It all happened in a brief moment, and my focus was still on driving, but I had a conversation with my Grandmother in my mind.
    When I returned home from work that afternoon, I found that my Grandmother had passed away. I felt I was there with her at that time.
    Although I was sad, there was also a very freeing feeling at the everything was ok now.

  4. Kathy Crabbe says:

    HI Susanna,

    It sounds like you are content with the results, so that is what counts!

    Kathy C.

  5. Liza says:

    If you want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for four from five. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed pieces. Thanks, anyway!

  6. tim fooks says:

    I keep having dreams were I am in a different time and place. I remember people and details from the dream even recipes. I don’t know why I have started having these dreams. when I first arrive I am a little confused, then I start to realize who and where I am . I find myself longing to stay in the dreams and not return. Or sleeping for extended periods and not waking up. If you have any ideas about what is going on please let me know. Its like someone is trying to communicate with me from the past. I feel like someone is trying show me something.
    thanks for you ideas

    • susanna777 says:

      Very interesting and worth investigating further – there could be several explanations and it is not clear enough to say from your information so far.

      It can be so tempting to stay in the dreams, but remember you live here in the waking world too! The best way to go about investigating further, is to retain control by creating structure for your explorations. Keep a record of your dreams with brief notes of all the details. You could research specific information that comes up, such as recipes, if you did not know them already in waking life. Certainly you can allow yourself to sleep for extended periods if you want and feels important – you just have to plan when you have time for this and decide at the outset when you will wake up. (Make your mind responsible for waking you at a suitable moment (ie. not disrupting the dream) in, say 12 hours time, or whatever you decide. Add a safety that you would wake up if there was any need for you to do so for your health, safety, to take care of anything important etc.)

      It could be someone trying to communicate with you and show you something – if so, it would be very interesting to find out and maybe you will be able to help, or do something positive as a result.
      It could be memories of your own past life in a different time and place coming through – if so, there is going to be useful information for you, and again something you can do in the dreaming or waking world, or both, as a result.

      Remember, these things link – our different levels of consciousness and other consciousnesses are interwoven. You will always gain the most (learning, insights, experience etc.) from working with both dreaming and waking states and integrating the insights that arise.

      Another thought, is that you can work with a semi-awake, semi-asleep, relaxed, trance-like state – whereby you sit in a chair (best not to lie down) and re-enter the last dreaming material, or day-dream and wonder around it. You can practice re-entering the dream and keeping your rational lucid observer with you. Play with the balance.

      Do let me know how you progress and what you find out, if appropriate to share.


      PS. I have an online shamanic dreaming class starting on 11th January – if developing your dreaming in general interests you, find details under Online on my website

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