Quality or Quantity?

Quality or Quantity? This is important to consider, especially in the current tough economic climate, when finances are so tight for everyone.

Do you buy quantity of the cheapest foods to feed your family, but maybe lose out on nutritional quality? (And through public demand, supermarkets drive down prices so far that producers of quality foods may be driven out of business and the quality option is potentially lost?)

This is how local shops and personal service lost out to superstores and large shopping malls. This is how jobs and labour and product in development and production are outsourced to countries where labour and material costs are cheaper, thereby losing these jobs at home. Yes, this may be creating new jobs elsewhere, but also may be leading to ‘sweatshops’ as labour costs are screwed down. It doesn’t seem ethical or sensible, but is it necessary and unavoidable? (And yes, some do redress this injustice by ensuring fair trade prices to local producers overseas – but none of this helps the problem at home.)

Setting aside ethical questions for a moment: while money / cost is a necessary consideration, I feel that quality is the better choice – it makes more sense.

Better nutrition – quality – and maybe you need less bulk. Or the less you can then afford actually does you more good.

In my own field, finding the right training, rather than any cheapest option, makes sense, as you get what you really need to get the skills and experience you want. If the cheaper options don’t give you that, it is not a saving, and may be a complete waste of money.

Like some people I know, who buy clothes and shoes in the sales, because they are ‘bargains’ and cheaper – but they are never quite the right size, or colour or fashion.
They don’t look and feel quite right and they don’t end up wearing them, or if they do, they don’t feel and look as great as they look and feel in the higher price things they love in the right colour and size.

I don’t advocate spending wildly, but investing in quality, choosing wisely and having less ‘clutter’ around ? Definitely, YES.

Choose quality in your life. You don’t need so much quantity – much of it is just clutter.

Many of the ‘savings’ are false savings anyway – the endless sales and price reductions and offers are driven by the public’s demand for cheaper prices and bargains.

Yes, prices must be kept competitive, but beyond a certain point, materials and labour cost a certain amount and that is it – push it more and what you get is sub-standard goods and poor service. Or you drive people out of business and the quality is no longer available. Is that what you really want? If so, don’t complain when goods don’t last, service is poor and food is tasteless and leaves you listless, low in energy and overweight.

If you would rather be healthy, skilled, fulfilled and paid what your time and effort is worth, and you want the same for others – then go for quality, every time.

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    Just passing by.Btw, your website has great content!

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