Rebalancing the weather

December 23, 2009

Let us suppose for a moment, that if enough people prayed, imagined, visualised and focused on the weather, we could actually effect a change.

There’d be no point in asking for sunshine, if where you are has floods, or rain if where you are is suffering drought – your success might only cause further imbalance. The only way that makes sense is to focus on globally rebalancing the weather.

If the power of focused positive thought (ie. energy) could affect the delicate balance of the intricate weather systems and climate around our planet (ie. energy) then it has to be through rebalancing and harmonising that energy system.

Join me now and pass this on:

Focusing on rebalancing the weather

  1. Pray, focus, imagine, visualise the whole earth globe, the climate and weather systems, the atmosphere around it and
  2. Imagine these rebalancing and harmonising, changes subtly and gently happening, as if of themselves, as you witness this
  3. Send thoughts and feelings of love and appreciation to the earth and its climate and weather systems.

That’s it, that’s all you need to do, for a few moments up to as long as you want, as often as you can.

It does not matter what your philosophy, beliefs, or any other thoughts about this are – now is the time for action –

Act now, join in:

Every day, 3 x a day, morning, noon and night, or at any other convenient quiet moment. Imagine the globe of the earth, surrounded by weather systems, gently harmonising, rebalancing, coming back into balance and equilibrium.

We don’t need to know or ask for what we need locally,
We don’t need to know how it can best happen.
We just need to focus on harmony, balance, loving the earth, loving the weather, loving the rain and sun, the peace and the wildness, the seasons and their changes –
– loving and accepting it all and imagining it whole, balanced, harmonious.

Can we affect the weather through the power of our mental focus?

If you need proof this can be done, read The Intention Experiment, read The Hidden Messages in Water, read and reflect on the power of divine intervention and read of the focused thought experiments on the effects of prayer on healing. Convince yourself if you want or need to, as this may help your positive focus; but it is enough to simply open your mind to the possibility and to carry out the focusing practice I describe. Read the books or watch films such as What the Bleep Do we Know or The Secret, which describes the “Law of Attraction”, essentially that thoughts influence events. The possibilities are so exciting and the evidence compelling enough to make it worth our while to focus on globally beneficial aims and projects.

Whatever helps you to join in and focus with a positive conviction, do it, but most importantly:

Act now, join in –

Imagine our earth, surrounded by it’s weather systems, whole and harmonious and keep doing this, if only for a moment, or a passing thought, several times a day, every day. Do this every time you pray, every time you think about the weather, every time you see a weather report or someone mentions the weather.

If you can’t visualise the world’s weather, climate and atmosphere rebalancing, just think these words, (or something similar in your own words) :

“Love, harmony and gratitude to the earth and her atmosphere
Love, harmony and gratitude to the weather”

“I love and thank the weather for rebalancing all around the planet now and ongoing”

“Thank you for the wind, sun and rain, we need you all. We need the atmosphere around us, everything in balance, in its own time and place and season – we thank you all.”

– Feel free to add your positive suggestions, visualisations, wording and research links, in the form of comments to this Blog.

Love and Harmony to you all,

Susanna Bellini
Bronze Dragon training

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Living in the Love – the key

February 10, 2009

The Love Stream, Part Three of Four

Living in the love, to me, means letting go of judgements – desisting from judging others or yourself harshly. Instead, seek to accept and yes, even love yourself and others. Instead of making judgements, judging wisely the course of your actions and your thoughts and feelings.

Relax into love. Ask the love stream to teach you how to be loving, to help you to judge wisely and to love well. It is so easy to ‘be right’ and to make others wrong – but it only brings pain to all concerned.

Take issue, if you must, about words and actions, habits and behaviours. Speak and act to redress perceived wrongs, but maintain a positive regard and respect for other human beings, and indeed for all life on the planet. We are only human and I believe that we are all doing the best we can manage, even though this does not mean that all we do is acceptable.

In any event, we can never know the full story of someone, to judge them, as a person, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, positive or negative. We can judge their actions, but even then, who can foresee all possible results of an action?

The best we can do and strive for, is to speak and act the best we can, according to our own highest principles, values and beliefs. And remembering these are only the best we can manage at our personal present stage of mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.

Today – see how long you can go without making any kind of negative judgement. If you catch yourself making one, seek to find a positive way of reframing it. Clear these negative thoughts from your thoughts, speech, actions and behaviour and what are you left with? Can it be love..?

The Love Stream, Part Three of Four

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The Challenge to Love

February 7, 2009

The Love Stream, Part Two of Four

It can be very hard and challenging to love – I am the first to admit that I am nowhere near perfect. I can find it very hard to love and to trust other human beings at times, especially when I have felt hurt by their words and actions – I want to close myself off and hide, or to lash out in anger or fear. And I think this is a natural human reaction.

But –

There is always something or someone to love and to appreciate, if life’s events or other people let you down or cause you pain. If it is hard to face people, start by focusing on the beauty of nature, plants, animals or birds. I have found that this helps me feel calmer, then happier, stronger, more positive, and then I am back in my heart space and can face and love the humans again.

I have found that whenever and wherever I notice and focus on and feel the love – I feel better, happier, healthier and more of a sense of purpose and meaning in my life.
So my recommendation to you, for this week, or just for this day, is to test it out for yourself – make love your guiding light and notice what follows.

The Love Stream, Part Two of Four

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Searching for Something? Read this, it may help

February 5, 2009

The Love Stream, Part 1 of 4

Are you seeking something?  A sense of purpose, meaning or spirituality in your life?  A solution to your problems and life’s challenges?
So many are, and if you are here, it may be painful, but also a meaningful place to be, a high aim to hold.

Or are you one of those who has found something?  The great, meaningful purpose or cure-all that seems to hold all of life’s answers?  Maybe it is religion, spirituality, your Path, or a personal development system to make you more success / money / power / health / attractive or whatever else you value?
If you are here, great!  Enjoy it and make the most of it.  Share it, if others ask, but please avoid becoming too evangelical and trying to force your ‘answer’ on them!

Or have you reached acceptance, let go of seeking, to be in the present moment?
If you are here, this may feel right and a good place to stay, for a while.

Are any of these places or positions “The Answer”?

I have spent time in all three positions and each seemed ‘right’ at the time.  I have spent time studying many therapies, personal development systems, spiritual traditions – I have spent much of my life practicing and teaching these, and my conclusion is –

No, These are not the answer.
None of them.

The answer is Love
Love is the Key
Love is the Ki – the energy of the universe, at the root of everything –
Love is the answer,
Flowing through everything,

Love is God, God is love
Love is in the Oneness and the Oneness is love
Love is the Goddess and the Goddess is love

Make some time today to think of the people, things and places you love.  To reflect on love itself, and see what happens…

The Love Stream, Part One of Four…

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A dear one has died…

February 3, 2009

A dear member of my family has died.  And I am sad because I shall not see her smiling face again; this world feels emptier without her.

I am not sad for her, after such a good life, touching and blessing all around her, she must surely be in the light of Spirit now. No, I am happy for her. I am sad for myself, who misses her.

And yet I remember times together, as a string of sparkling jewels. Moments only, but blessings that last forever. I still have these.

She is still here, in the thoughts of all who loved her and the world is a better place for her life.

Love and blessings on your way, Dorothy.