Reflecting on positive ways forward

October 8, 2009

I haven’t written a Blog entry for a long time – there are so many Blogs, so much written, visual and auditory material on the internet, so is it really worth my spending precious time just adding more?

Mostly my answer to that is no. it isn’t.  There are more positive and amazing things I can be doing directly through my shamanic energy work.

However, I do find certain thoughts coming to the surface and forming into expression during these challenging times.  Maybe it will add something to offer them here:

One is, the importance of acting with integrity.  If you follow the link to this Wiki entry, it is interesting to see how incomplete it is – but worth reflecting on the different senses of meaning offered, for what integrity means to you.

Two is, the importance of making good choices rather than “decisions”.  If you follow the link, you can read and reflect on making choices on different kinds of decisions.

Three is, the importance of facing and dealing with your personal challenges – don’t ignore them, don’t run away and hide, don’t resort to actions that are less than honest, positive and life-enhancing.

Many of you face financial problems, loss of health, work, family, home – these are exactly the times to pare back to the basic principles.  Act with integrity, according to your own highest values and beliefs, make good choices – you are where you are – now create a better way forward for yourself, your family, your friends, your community, for all of us.

Believe in what you can create. and make it beautiful. Make it life-enhancing.

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