BBC Radio York chat about dreams

April 1, 2009

I visited BBC Radio York this morning to talk about dreams on the Breakfast Show – you can listen to the piece here:

Dreamwork – BBC Radio York


Lucid Dreaming / Time Travel

February 18, 2009

I remembered there was an occasion when time had split and doubled briefly – I’d come out into one place, bringing flowers for a friend and 15 minutes later while still visiting there, I’d come to visit a different friend in hospital, bringing the same flowers and visited there. When I’d left and walked home, time had somehow snapped back into one stream and continued from there – my walk back home from both separate places had arrived back at my door into the one life stream again.

So I wanted to lucid dream / astral time travel back to this time split to explore both streams and find out (if possible):

a) how it had occurred
b) how I could make use of these possibilities
c) whether there were any more far-reaching consequences to this. I.e. would it be advisable to leave this alone, or could I do it again?

What I discovered is that I could go back, the consequences of which was that a third ‘me’ witnessed and viewed both ‘time branches’, which is how I’d known this had happened in the first place and had remembered both streams.

I thought (lucidly) about the possibilities while ‘there’ in both streams and was able to ‘pause’ or slow the events to have long enough to think it through and not miss anything.

I didn’t manage to find out how my time line split or re-emerged – these parts went hazy/blurred, dream-like? But it seemed to me that this was possibly a good thing (maybe a self protection not to know), so I’ve left it alone for now and will ponder some more in the waking (daytime) state before doing anything further.

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Bored with the ‘credit crunch’? Dream in the change

December 28, 2008

Are we bored enough with the credit crunch yet?  Have we suffered enough for our rash wild materialism?  If so, maybe we can leave all this behind at the end of 2008 and dream up a new, more sustainable way of being for 2009.

It only takes enough people to start thinking and acting in creative, positive ways.
It only takes enough people to decide they’ve had enough of this negative phase and it’s time for a positive change.
It only takes enough people to believe things can be different and start to take action.

Become part of a new flow of finance, economy and trade – make wiser choices, hold in mind your core values, be part of new solutions.

Part of the art of shamanic dreaming is to look ahead and envision a better way forward for the community – everything starts from an idea, a dream, a vision.

What’s your dream?

New courses and projects for Spring 2009

December 18, 2008

I’ve been busy writing my newsletter today to announce new courses for spring 2009 – if you’ve not yet subscribed and want to see my most recent updates first, you can sign up at

I’ve been channeling new information, delivering advanced shamanic, crystal and dreaming trainings to private groups and working on shamanic projects.  It’s great to be so busy, but now I really need to get the word out so that more people can get involved.  I’m just not getting enough time to keep up with emails, Facebook and updating the Bronze Dragon website never mind getting the word out about new courses and projects.

If anyone has good ideas on how I can streamline all this writing and get it done faster, DO let me know!

Susanna 🙂