Stepping into another’s shoes

April 20, 2009

Stepping into another’s shoes is useful to do: you gain new insights and maybe in experiencing the other’s point of view, conflicts can be avoided or healed as you better understand this different other.

Have you ever thought of taking this further and stepping into the experience of – plants, for example.  What do they want and need, if they could tell or show you how they feel?

Imagine, step inside and maybe this will help you grow your garden, create a greener cityscape or live in harmony with your plant neighbours.

What else would give you a new and useful perspective? What would your town or city say or show you? What would the land, buildings, rocks, earth say? Do any of these insights help you to be a better neighbour?

How about animals? Your pets, livestock, animals in the wild? Take the time to really notice and watch them. Do they seem healthy, happy and how and why do they behave as they do? Step inside, find out and while you’re there, notice how they experience you? Maybe you’ll find out, on the inside, different things than you may imagine from the outside.

Step inside another’s perspective and expand your own.