Gordon Ramsay beats the Credit Crunch

January 31, 2009

I watch very little TV but I flicked through the TV channels yesterday evening and ‘Ramsay’s Great British Nightmare’ grabbed my attention. Local restaurants are struggling to tackle the credit crunch by cutting costs and raising prices, while the public is generally eating out less frequently. Is there an alternative? Gordon Ramsay thinks so and has come up with a strategy that will benefit local restaurants, local food producers and everyone who wants high quality, delicious food at reasonable prices.  Better still, I think his credit-crunch-beating strategy can work for any business and any individual in these challenging times.


Ramsay is straight talking, brutally honest and insists on high standards. While his language is not always for the faint-hearted – he swears a lot – he is passionate while expressing his values and ideas and his arguments are convincing, eloquent and inspiring.  He made me re-examine my assumptions and attitudes to the current credit crunch, and filled me with hope that I can find ways to move through this phase positively, retaining my highest values for quality and good service.


Here are some of the positive value messages I got from the programme –


  • Quality, fresh, home made, local produce and high quality goods and services can and should be provided at good prices.  When they are, these are what the public will choose and everyone benefits. 
  • Businesses (and individuals) taking proactive, creative, practical ACTION to respond to the changing times will benefit and thrive.
  • Supporting each other as a local community – in this case local produce growers, farmers, butchers working with local restaurants to provide quality healthy tasty food at affordable prices for the local community – means everyone benefits.

It is worth realising that historically in the most challenging times of economic depression and in this present credit crunch –


  • People can still start and build successful businesses (Ramsay recently opened a new restaurant)
  • People can make money and be successful without having to cut corners on quality, service or value.

The credit crunch is real and these tough times force a much-needed change to our spending habits and financial commitments.  I believe it is also vital to think carefully first and make our choices consciously, with awareness, and not just through some panic response –


Reflect on what has value for you. What practices, relationships and resources are essential to preserve throughout these times and which changes will create a more positive, healthy and stable future?


Now use this as a guide to where you should spend and where you can save or cut back – in terms of resources of all kinds – your money, your time, your energy, your focus, your work, your family and friends, your leisure – review and prioritise all your resources. 


My recommendation is for us to use our highest values and ethics as guidelines to move gracefully through these challenging times, so that we may carry the best forward to a brighter future.  My thanks go to Gordon Ramsay and his ‘Great British Nightmare’ for this timely reminder about the importance of focusing on quality, local relationships and mutual support.  


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Seeing out the old problems with the old year

December 31, 2008

Today 2008 ends, inevitably, at midnight and the new year 2009 will begin. Wouldn’t it be great if, just as inevitably, your worries, problems, pain or suffering were to end with 2008, and new possibilities and a better phase would arrive with 2009?

Here is how to make this happen:

* First, call on your God, Goddess, Guardian Angel, Spirit or Higher Self, according to your beliefs, to guide, help and support you in this process.

* Spend some time today writing a list or drawing images or symbols to represent the things you’d like to let go of and set it to one side. (You can add to it during the day if you want).

When we suffer physical or emotional pain, through illness, difficult relationships or challenging situations, these drain our energy and take up space in our thoughts and feelings. You can clear and free up your energy and create yourself some mental and emotional space as follows:

* Imagine, visualise, sense all the negative things affecting you as energy cords between your body-mind system and the other people and situations involved. These may be things you identified on your list or drawing, and maybe other things will occur to you.

* Imagine cutting these energy cords, by any means that works for you, and imagine drawing your end of the cords back into yourself. Feel yourself becoming energised as you reclaim your energy; breathe in fresh life and hope. Meanwhile let go of the other end of each energy cord, just being aware of it returning to the person, place or thing where it belongs.

* When this is done, burn or tear up and throw away the piece of paper with your list or drawings.

* You may want to do this whole process outside, to let the wind help carry away the old energies and bring in the new, or you could follow this process with a shower, to physically cleanse away the things you are clearing. If you choose to have a shower or bath, scrub yourself all over with sea salt and then smooth creams and lotions all over your body. Imagine cleansing and clearing your energy field and sealing in healing, positive energies during this process.

Do all these things any time before going to any New Year party or celebrations. Whenever and wherever you are celebrating the new year coming in, say goodbye to the old year and old problems and welcome in the new year: a new phase, renewed hope and positive energy and new solutions.

On New Year’s Day I will share with you some ways of helping to bring in these new energies and possibilities for 2009.