Well-filled outcomes

January 1, 2010

What are you hoping, wishing, planning, dreaming, designing, choosing and acting on this year? If you can answer this clearly and succinctly, what are you waiting for? You could skim read this to make sure you’ve got everything covered, but I expect there are lots of things you want to be doing right now. Off you go!

If you are still thinking about your answer and it takes a while to describe, or you’re not sure or confused about conflicting elements, or downcast at seeming blocks in your path, read on:

First of all, pick your time for goal setting, resolution-making, up-gearing and action-taking – it’s essential that all these things are well-timed. Maybe New Year’s Day is a good time for you, or maybe a bit further along, in the Spring, when the longer, brighter days start lifting your spirits and everything starts into budding, growing wonderfulness around you.

Now – let’s say you are at your right planning time, what you need to design are well-filled outcomes. This means they need to be rich, detailed, juicy, bright, sparkly and amazing. They need to look good, sound good and feel good to you, as a whole and in detail.

Do you know what I mean?

You must WANT them and be able to IMAGINE them, in DETAIL. If you can’t because of – whatever – then what you need is to fill your well first.

Filling your well is all about gathering in new creative input: inspiration. This expression lovely ideas for doing this, comes from Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way“.

The way you do it, is to give yourself the gift of some “me-time” and you enjoy it in the company of yourself doing something creative and new, such as spending a couple of hours in an art gallery, stretching your musical appreciation at a different kind of concert, sky-diving, taking a class in pottery or sculpture, or maybe as simple as looking through a variety of magazines around one subject, whether home, garden, art, sport or whatever catches your eye.

After this few hours, half day, day or however long you give yourself in one or more sessions of well-filling, you can return to thinking about your aims, plans or goals.

Allow some undisturbed time for this and just write a list of all the things you would like to be doing, seeing, hearing and having in 2010 and beyond. Write – or draw, if you prefer – as many of these as you like. Include photos or magazine pictures if you’ve found one that represents or symbolises what you want.

The only rule for this is that they all have to be things you want and feel great about. It does not matter whether they seem possible, or whether you have any ideas how to achieve them. If you really want them and feel great about them, you will be well-fuelled with motivation and energy to take action and find the ways to make them happen!

You are allowed to set them to one side and “sleep on it” – let them incubate for a while, and then have another look and add anything else you want to add, or remove anything you decide you don’t really want after all. A good test of this, is to check at this point how you would feel if all these things are now definitely going to happen.

This is also a good time to check that your well-filled outcomes are also well-formed outcomes, ie. ecological. If you are unfamiliar with this term, which arose from NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming) it refers to a comprehensive ecology check-list, and you can read all about it here.

When your list of wants, wishes, resolutions, aims, goals, or how ever you call them, is complete – put it in a sealed envelope and put it away out of sight. You are not allowed to look at it again until – well, if this is your first time doing it this way – until a quarter of a year has passed. Put a date in your calendar and in 3 months time, get your list, pictures, mind maps and all out again and have a good look through them.

You will learn some interesting things and from your experience, you could then re-do this process for a longer period of time, if you want. This process is something I do myself, and I find it very rewarding; I expect you will too, and I look forward to hearing about your results!

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New Year game – Shamanic Quest

January 1, 2009
Susanna & Jerry

Susanna & Jerry


Start 2009 with a shamanic adventure: a quest for signs and portents for your year ahead! 

Decide on where to go for a walk and for how long – this can be anywhere and for any length of time – the main thing is to decide in advance.  For example you could go for a walk round town for half an hour, setting off from your front door, or you could decide to drive somewhere and set off from there for a specified length of time. 

Now this is decided, the universe can move in mysterious ways to send signs and significant events to occur during your walk. J

Now locate your owl, animal guide, significant other, family and friends and take them out with you for a walk.  (If you’re on your own, or would rather go out on your own, Intend to meet someone or something interesting on your way!)


Before you set off, decide on 1 specific thing you’re going to look for and count – such as cats, dogs, crows, Renault cars, people wearing hats, a particular type of tree – choose something you are likely to see some of, but not loads, as you don’t want to be counting throughout your walk.  If several of you are going together, you can pick the same or different things to look for and count and you can help each other, if you spot one of the other person’s things for them.


Now off you go, relax, enjoy, open up your senses to the world around you.  Notice the sights, smells, sounds, physical impressions.  Walk mostly in silence to keep your attention open to this experience.  Note anything that seems unusual, significant or that draws your attention, to reflect on later.  If you meet anyone on your way, consider any conversation and meeting significant.


When your agreed time is over and your walk completed, return home to reflect on your experience.  If you have gone in a group, you can now tell each other about the things you noticed, and you may be able to help each other interpret these things as signs and portents in relation to your year ahead.

You can creatively and freely play with exploring these symbols and meanings, and go into them in as much depth as you like.  For example, suppose you met someone who asked you for the time: you could imagine this means that people will be asking you for help / information – for your time, perhaps, in this year ahead.  You could take this as a signal to be aware of the value of your time and to use it wisely – perhaps you are someone who always helps or gives their time when asked, and maybe it would be good for you to sometimes say no.


Make it a game and a light-hearted exploration, nevertheless taking forward something positive and meaningful to you, for the year ahead.


Finally – the thing you counted?  That’s the number of wonderful surprises and pieces of good luck you are going to experience in 2009!


Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2009!



(who is now going out for a walk with Phil and Jerry Owl)

Seeing out the old problems with the old year

December 31, 2008

Today 2008 ends, inevitably, at midnight and the new year 2009 will begin. Wouldn’t it be great if, just as inevitably, your worries, problems, pain or suffering were to end with 2008, and new possibilities and a better phase would arrive with 2009?

Here is how to make this happen:

* First, call on your God, Goddess, Guardian Angel, Spirit or Higher Self, according to your beliefs, to guide, help and support you in this process.

* Spend some time today writing a list or drawing images or symbols to represent the things you’d like to let go of and set it to one side. (You can add to it during the day if you want).

When we suffer physical or emotional pain, through illness, difficult relationships or challenging situations, these drain our energy and take up space in our thoughts and feelings. You can clear and free up your energy and create yourself some mental and emotional space as follows:

* Imagine, visualise, sense all the negative things affecting you as energy cords between your body-mind system and the other people and situations involved. These may be things you identified on your list or drawing, and maybe other things will occur to you.

* Imagine cutting these energy cords, by any means that works for you, and imagine drawing your end of the cords back into yourself. Feel yourself becoming energised as you reclaim your energy; breathe in fresh life and hope. Meanwhile let go of the other end of each energy cord, just being aware of it returning to the person, place or thing where it belongs.

* When this is done, burn or tear up and throw away the piece of paper with your list or drawings.

* You may want to do this whole process outside, to let the wind help carry away the old energies and bring in the new, or you could follow this process with a shower, to physically cleanse away the things you are clearing. If you choose to have a shower or bath, scrub yourself all over with sea salt and then smooth creams and lotions all over your body. Imagine cleansing and clearing your energy field and sealing in healing, positive energies during this process.

Do all these things any time before going to any New Year party or celebrations. Whenever and wherever you are celebrating the new year coming in, say goodbye to the old year and old problems and welcome in the new year: a new phase, renewed hope and positive energy and new solutions.

On New Year’s Day I will share with you some ways of helping to bring in these new energies and possibilities for 2009.