‘The universe moves in mysterious ways’ – I’ve heard it and thought it frequently, but this year’s Shamanix practitioner experience beats all.  For those who read that life’s challenges had prevented four applicants from making it to the training, here’s what happened next…

…At first nothing, and I was ready to be there with a very small group, but then new people appeared, unexpectedly, each with their own challenges to meet in order to make it possible, and right up to the last minute some of them were still rearranging their lives to be there.

It has been a challenging year for myself, as for most people, but this week has made everything worth it for me. I knew we were in for something special when I realised the quality, skills and integrity of the group, and all of us grew through the new teachings and the experience of working together shamanically.

This experience reaffirmed for me that the sum is greater than the parts – it is time for shamans, healers and all energy workers to transform this world together.